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  • by Rob Elton
  • June 30, 2016

We have a new sponsored athlete. Charlie Rolls from bike trial academy (www.biketrialacademy.uk)

I have personally been coaching Charlie for the last 3 months with the main goal of a sports specific program to increase his power output on his bike.

He has improved week to week on his strength and power with a mighty 45kg (almost body weight) clean and jerk.

Strength and conditioning is true functional training. It improves the way to move, makes you stronger and faster. Body tone is a by product of this fun way to train and we heavily incorporate olympic lifting, and it’s assistance movements to help Charlie.

Below is him training at the home of Point Blank Fitness (the house of fitness)

Bike trial taster sessions are available with Charlie and his family. For more information click HERE

If you would like to see what type of personal training we offer why not book in a taster session (CLICK ME) with our British weightlifting, Premier training international 2015 award winner and ex army physical training instructors.