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Blog 2 days out from first Bikini Comp- Miami Pro


2 days out from first Bikini Comp- Miami Pro

  • by loraelton
  • April 5, 2013

Sooo it’s finally here… I’m going through the last few stages of prep and now it’s all the fun stuff. The hard work is just about over and for the next few days I get to eat an increase in carbs and some alcohol on Sat night!

I had my last training session yesterday to give my muscles time to recover in time for Sunday and all inflammation to reduce. I have only trained legs once this week, right at the beginning of the week to give them a bit of extra time as they are obviously the biggest muscle. It felt very strange not working as hard as I could at the gym too, I didn’t like it one little bit!

Last Sunday I went to a practice show day with my Stage Coach and other students that are competing this weekend and it was great fun and a real eye opener. All the other girls seemed so confident and had such amazing stage presence! It was lovely to meet the girs I’d been in contact with on twitter and facebook too. Everyone was really friendly and I learnt a lot. It was also a wake up call as to how important the performance aspect of this competition is. In some ways I wish I’d spent more time practising this than training in the gym. Don’t get me wrong I have been practising but it has been snippets of 20/25 minutes rather than the 90 minutes I spend in the gym 5 times a week! I know my biggest weakness is my stage presence or lack of it but I am happy with how my body looks and the work I have put in so I’m determined to enjoy the day and give it my best shot.

This has been the hardest week of the competition so far for me, not sure why as my diet hasn’t changed and my training has reduced but everything at home has been very stressful. My son has still been ill and ended up being taken to A&E on Easter Monday after a useless emergency doctor appointment on Sunday night after the practise show. Luckily everything is ok but it really stressed my body out and set me up for a hard week.I have’t been getting any sleep as my son has been sick ( mostly on me) every night and coughing and generally miserable. In the day I have needed to fit in my training and lots of posing practice, combined with sharing 1 car and Rob working very long days it all became too much.

On Tuesday I had a mini meltdown and Rob had to calm me down. I just had had enough of it all and wanted to go to bed and stay there for a week, I pulled myself out of it with Rob’s help but I wasn’t myself. The day just got worse, I then needed to drive home from Cambridge to pick my son up but the car needed more fuel and in my panic I managed to put petrol in our diesel car! The saving grace was the fact I realised before I turned on the engine and burst into tears. A lovely gentleman saw me and got his friend who worked for the local garage to tow me to their garage but unfortunately because of the time they couldn’t do it the same day. My amazing friend Leanne came to the rescue and her partner picked Rob up from work at 9.30pm so he didn’t have to get a taxi but as you can imagine it was not a good day!

Anyway that is done and Rob’s Mum is coming to stay with us tonight until Monday so that will be nice, if she doesn’t leave when she sees how much of a mess the house is! I just haven’t been able to stay on top of it this week and Rob has been working such long hours he hasn’t been able to help either.

Soooo back to the next couple days. I have compeltely de-fuzzed my body, you can’t have any body hair as it affects the tan and how you look under the lights. I stupidly used hair remover cream and my skin hated it. I’m not sure why I would ever have thought this was a good idea as I don’t use any chemicals on my skin and it freaked out. I have minor chemical burns from the cream which I’m hoping go before tomorrow.

I need to do my nails and pack my bag- the list is huge I can’t possibly list it 🙂 Then tomorrow afternoon I need to drive to St. Albans to have my first layer of tan done and then drive back and try and get some sleep.

Sunday morning we get up early and drive back down to St. Albans so I can have my 2nd layer applied and my make-up done. I decided to get it done professionally as I am not good enough to do it for stage and by the time I bought proper make-up and lashes it would have cost the same! We then have registration at 11am and then the Athlete’s meeting at 12pm. The show starts at 2pm-9pm so it will be a long day but I’m sure it will go incredibly fast.

I’m really looking forward to it now, well most of the time I am and then I get in a blind panic and think what the hell am I doing?! I probably won’t update this now until after the show so keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t make a complete fool of myself 🙂