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Blog Cambridge weightlifting clubs S+C facility



Cambridge weightlifting clubs S+C facility

  • by Rob Elton
  • April 11, 2017

Cambridge weightlifting club

Strength and conditioning type training is booming right now! There are many great facilities and with the evolution of the fitness industry it is the norm to see a weightlifting platform in your commercial gym. However weightlifting platforms are specifically designed for the olympic lifts and at our Cambridge weightlifting club we have 3!


Cambridge weightlifting club


They look pretty with the organised olympic weights carefully stacked in the toaster racks, the expensive looking bars and the fancy put together platforms, but what’s the best way to learn the olympic lifts?


Coaching at Point Blank Fitness


The obvious is to get a coach. Making sure they have a recognised weightlifting qualification is a must as this is a very skill based way to train. But along side that there will be many hours that you will need to train alone so you will need additional help.


Supporting you with video content

We like break the lifts down into sections… And learn them back to front (reverse chain method). It’s the way British weightlifting teaches it’s coaches. This gives the lifter a feel for the receive positions very early on.

We like to reinforce the lessons we teach with video footage of lifts outside of our sessions to help our clients learn.


The complete reverse chain method for the snatch below.

We have chunked the snatch down into 10 stages. Alex our group coach is demonstrating each key lift in the youtube video below.

We offer 1-1 Personal Training, Group training or online programming  at the facility we work from.

The House Of Fitness is a great friendly environment and we pride our reputation on helping the clients we work with.

Strength and conditioning will empower you and give your workouts much more purpose.

For a look at the facility or to arrange a chat to see how we can help please contact us HERE.