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Strength and Conditioning Circuits

This group based class holds a maximum of 12 people to allow me to closely coach the technical parts of the session. From my extensive experience I have put together a hybrid circuit created from military training and strength and conditioning.

This is structured and aimed to get a very high volume of training on the session. This type of small group session will push you to your limit safely.

This will appeal to all levels of fitness as the idea is to work to the best of your ability and the skills you pick up from the session will transfer to the gym giving you the tools you need to train properly. The class progresses through a series of goal orientated training concepts allowing you to measure and improve with your own training record.

The class progresses through a series of goal orientated training concepts allowing you to measure and improve with your own training record.The circuit training class consists of between 12/18 stations with a different exercise on each one. Also there are alternate exercises to cater for beginners too.

An example of the circuit is the warm up moving onto a Slam Ball and Kettlebell Tabata. this really gets the blood flow going. We then start the main circuit which can be up to 18 exercises with minimal rest. After a rest period we then do it all again and finish with a cool down. This changes every week and this is just one of many style of PB circuits.

You will be training with Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Olympic Weights, Battling Rope and a Plyometric Box to name a few. Everyone is working at their personal best with plenty of encouragement and goal based exercises to progress such as the low-level jump to the 30″ box jump!

Resistance based circuit training is the optimum way to burn calories due to the impact on your metabolic rate after the session. I recorded 778 calories on the session of a man with average fitness and due to the style of work calories are still burned 24 hours after. This class will suit anybody who wants to work hard regardless of fitness levels. Come along for a free trail or contact me to find out more.

The weekly circuits use strength and conditioning equipment that is not always available in a commercial gym including kettle bells, battle rope and slam balls alongside more conventional equipment such as Olympic bars and weights. Exercises include Kettle Bell swings, box jumps, burpees, deadlifts and push presses to name a few! Exercises are performed for 30-45 seconds with a (very!) brief rest before starting the next so everyone is working up to at least 90% of their max heart rate over the course of the hour. Over the 5 months my lactic threshold and cardio recovery has improved dramatically along with my overall strength and conditioning which means I feel fitter and healthier as a result. Recommended for those who like to push themselves beyond their current limits! This is for everyone at all levels and the weekly improvement is massive!

How It Works
  • 1. No gym fee, only £6 per session.
  • 2. Take your fitness to another level.
  • 3. Use specialised kit you wouldn’t get to use in the gym.
  • 4. Ongoing support, online training tips and tutorials free to members.
  • 5. Learn to perform lifts correctly and safely including the Olympic lifts.

Class Times

Classes will be expanding, to register your interest for Friday night 7pm- 8pm and Monday morning 7am-8am at Cambridge United in Cambridge please contact us.

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