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Find a positive

  • by loraelton
  • April 21, 2014

Constantly hitting Personal bests is part of every aspect of training. It’s not realistic that this will happen exactly as planned. Sometimes you’ve done everything right, eaten as clean as you can and slept well. But what do you do when it doesn’t work?

You find something, anything positive about the session/your chosen training and focus on that. Your bench press was weak today. You couldn’t keep up on your morning spin class, or you were so weak from reduced carbs for your last week before your first UKBFF comp you could barely lift.

So you feel clumsy trying to get a decent olympic lift and it doesn’t work yet you feel strong. Solution-go and hit a PB squat.

Your legs are shattered from squatting and it doesn’t work. Solution-hit the bench

Your hanging on your 10k race and 2mins slower not from over training¬†it just didn’t happen. Solution-run another 5k at a steady state pace because you enjoy running and you’re not getting beaten by it.

Heres a video of Jake Tye, one of PB weightlifters. He missed his attempted 85kg snatch. This pissed him off yet he didn’t say a word, he knew he felt good to take it out on the next lifts, the clean and jerk so he did. look at the explosive power!


Pb’s don’t always happen as planned. Are you going to give up or carry on?