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Blog Focus for 2013.. We should all be aiming for Optimum Nutrition


Focus for 2013.. We should all be aiming for Optimum Nutrition

  • by loraelton
  • February 1, 2013

It’s been a busy year, the majority of my studying and training went into Olympic weightlifting and obtaining my bwl coach qualification.
I have made a decision to focus this year on something very important-Optimum Nutritional Therapy. This was something I spent 4 years of working hard on case studies, seminars and exams to obtain my Diploma in ONT.

During the studying and the majority of my after Army life I’ve experienced an abundance of energy, health and mental clarity that has been a result of following an individual sensible diet (and not a single day off work from being ill).

Over the last 18 months I’ve been fortunate enough to become a father but one thing that suffered was maintaining a top diet over the last few months. Instantly I’ve noticed a lack of energy, the glow you get from being optimum and the balanced mental feeling from having literally an oiled and well nutritioned mind and body.

Earlier on in Dec I got back on it. Better sleep, improved energy and consistently hard training sessions within a 12hr working day.

I’m not into fad diets or rapid detoxes marketed for the wrong reasons or any other BS in the fitness industry. What I will do is give facts and scientific evidence on foods, opinions on good and bad supplements based on experience and feedback from the hundreds of nutritional consultations I’ve done from clients with thyroid disorders, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, obesity and general fat loss/ toning plans.

Having a good diet is being responsible, we all know roughly that we need a balanced diet. We also are all individuals that have different nutritional needs. This is where supplementation, specific foods or focusing on an individual area ie digestion, liver function etc is needed.

So my aim for 2013 is to blog key points/ articles and food plans from my courses and experience that have allowed me, my family and my clients to be optimum.

My final word is how you should feel, all year round:

1. Abundance in energy and mood (no afternoon crashes. (Balanced blood sugar, high nutrients)
2. Great quality skin, bright eyes with no dark circles underneath. (Clean liver from detoxifying fruits/veg and a supply of essential fats)
3. Elimination from anxiety and when stress arises an ability to logically deal with it and not become angry/exhausted (balanced adrenal glands, adrenalin and cortisol levels)
4. Sustaining a workout without chronic inflammation or fatigue (calorific balance, protein and essential fat balance).
5. Good quality sleep including waking up refreshed (brain chemistry, serotonin, melatonin and healthy adrenal glands).

Ploughing through the day Knackered, not having much mental energy and constantly being run down isn’t genetic it’s your diet/lifestyle.Take control and build your diet progressively and aim for optimum nutrition.

NO Excuses!
Rob Elton- (Dip ONT)