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Blog Hardcore fitness test



Hardcore fitness test

  • by Rob Elton
  • February 10, 2015

Ready for a challenge? Why not try a workout that tests your strength and aerobic capacity working through the load chart.

Heres what you need

1. A barbell and weights

2. A rowing machine

3. A bucket

On a previous article I talked about a Load chart and how it’s really effective for your workouts. Ideally you will need to know your 1 rep max for this session. After a thorough warm up this is how the session works.

Resistance exercise (Deadlift, Bench press, Squat or Push press). Perform your 10 rep max according to the chart then proceed to do 100m on the row. Take the rest you need then get ready for the 9RM weight and perform 200m. Get the idea? Carry on through to a 1rep max with a 1000m best effort to finish. Simple but extremely effective! This can be done as a training phase on a 4 day training split or just a test of your fitness on the chosen strength exercise.

This workout will take up to an hour. It’s not timed (we all know it is so get a training partner or PT to help) as the emphasis is on good quality safe lifts and of course the challenge of completing all reps of your rep max! Click on the links below to begin your workout and to understand the workout more.

Workout table

Load chart


Rob Elton

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