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Blog How to get into competition shape



How to get into competition shape

  • by Rob Elton
  • May 31, 2015

For the majority of gym goers, getting in the best physical shape is ultimately the end goal but what does it really take?

Overload, sound nutrition and recovery but most of all purpose! Just wanting to get into shape isn’t enough, you need logical structure and a reason to smash session after session of gruelling workouts in a progressive manner.

Matty Haniver came to PBF with the simple goal of wanting to get into peak shape so we put him on a competition style program that we use with our sponsored athletes. No outrageous sub 1000 calorie diets or generic templates. He had a customised plan after a face to face consultation with measurements, fat callipers and goal setting! After that he simply followed 4 different programs and stuck to them!

On an average training day while stripping body fat he was having around 2400 calories and still consuming carbohydrates (45% protein, 35% carbs 25% fat). The results speak for themselves and that is what it is about at PBF.

Absolutely no performance enhancing drugs were used and Matty’s physique is what you can expect from hard work. I wanted to make this clear, I have no problem with PED’s but being upfront allows you to meet expectations, obviously drastic calorie reduction and mass hypertrophy can only be achieved with PEDS (before any gurus want to bombard PBF).

Progress Pic 4 months later decreasing body fat from 12%  down to 5.07%.


Pics taken at House of Fitness.


Matty works as a football coach, this is a busy and very demanding job. He made the decision to commit 4-5 hours to his training per week and planned his workouts around his job. Accepting what it takes is another reason why he reached his goal. At PBF we will be honest with you from the start.

We all make excuses but finding solutions is part of the planning. Our sponsored athletes are people putting in 16 hour days at their day job, mothers doing full time jobs around children and people with home gym equipment, so yes this is very achievable!

We understand work and life is hard. Our job as personal trainers is to make sure you turn up, workout and follow the program. Having regular appointments and making fitness a lifestyle becomes enjoyable and as proven is doable with busy lives!

So simply we will put you through short term programs that work. The right amount of strength, power and volume to get the gains you want.

Ready to step it up and get some purpose?


If you would like to find more or book a free consultation email rob@pointblankfitness.co.uk or via the FB page Facebook.com/pointblankfitness