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Blog How to help yourself – 22 Press-ups a Day Challenge



How to help yourself – 22 Press-ups a Day Challenge

  • by Rob Elton
  • July 21, 2016

As most of you are aware there is a thing on social media about a press-up challenge. Basically it is performing a 22 press-ups a day challenge for 22 days to support service personnel that commit suicide due to PTSD.

After serving 10 years in the army I have many friends who have suffered from PTSD. I am also very familiar with mental health as it is a health condition in my family.

The worst thing is the stigma attached to mental health and in most cases a need to keep it quiet as if its something to be embarrassed about. If you don’t look after your fitness you get unfit, slow, tired and overweight. If you don’t deal with stress and let it build up then much worse happens mentally.

The thing is with stress and mental health (in my opinion) is that it is relative, so it’s no good looking/judging thinking it only hits a certain class/type of person or only people with stressful jobs. That got it together person with a dream life hasn’t told you about the daily panic that kicks in for no reason whatsoever, or the self loathing that comes from depression. What I’m trying to say is mental health issues hit every class, caliber and type of person. We are all humans and life is extremely stressful. Bottling up, ignoring and accepting it’s ok to feel absolutely shit is not ok at all. We need to understand how to combat this stress to be happy.

What really helped me out when I had a wobble and good old anxiety made me feel constantly threatened, unstable and honestly in the worst place I have been in was the below links. The reason the books/tools help is they allow you to see why you are thinking/feeling the way you are and techniques that help you get solutions to your problems. Mainly cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) Which is solution and logic based work.

I’m not advocating these eliminate PTSD but they allow you to rewire thoughts which directly impact your feelings. You can be in control of how you feel. Working to help your mind should be something everyone does regularly like exercise, and I think from an early age. Nothing in school teaches us about stress management.

Helpful Tools for Managing Stress

Take a look and please pass this on.

  1. The mood gym free CBT course that puts you in an interactive role play. Brilliant material.
  2. The chimp paradox  I’ve linked the audio book as its great to listen to on the way to work. Learn about how your chimp is sabotaging you!
  3. Mindfulness (many versions but this has a free trial)
  4. The book for people who do too much Ok it’s a picture book, but very powerful.

Finally from 1000’s of hours as a personal trainer I have noticed the 3 key things clients do consistently that helps their overall health and happiness.

  1. Fitness (5 hours of something per week, it doesn’t have to be “beast mode” every day. Get moving to promote those feel good hormones.
  2. Nutrition basics (healthy balanced diet with an optimum range of vitamins and minerals).
  3. Stress management (whatever relaxes you).

Be kind to yourself and others, you never know what they are going through.

Rob Elton