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Blog miami pro bikini comp 3 weeks out!!


miami pro bikini comp 3 weeks out!!

  • by loraelton
  • March 21, 2013


It has been a tough couple weeks in our house. First Rob got the flu then our son also got it and to make matters worse he developed an ear and throat infection. This meant he needed me more than ever and I had to take a few days off training to look after him. Then after thinking I had escaped it, it finally took me down and meant I couldn’t train for 6 days 🙁

I won’t lie, I was panicking about the competition and what this would mean.  I forced myslef to keep eating which was torture with a swollen throat and I just wanted to eat soup and ice cream! On Sunday I allowed myself to relax my diet as I was more concerned with just getting the calories in so I didn’t lose any muscle.

I only started to feel more like myself yesterday and my voice is finally coming back so back in the gym for the final push in my training. it’s changed up again and is now a lot lower weight and higher reps. I’m keeping my diet pretty much the same except I’m now alternating low and high carb days. Even the low carb days are probably higher than most others in the competition as I really need them with my body type!

I’ve had a few days of panic but in general I feel ready to go! I’ve been practising my posing routine and walk and even been lucky enough to do a few hours in a studio with my friend who is also competing. We plan on doing that together at least 3 times a week for an hour at a time between now and the competition. It is so much easier practising with someone and with loud music 🙂

It’s now time to start thinking of the practical side, what do I need to take with me, what do I wear before the show and after the tan is done. i’m getting really excited now and can’t wait for the big day!