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Blog Miami Pro Bikini Comp…..staying focused!


Miami Pro Bikini Comp…..staying focused!

  • by loraelton
  • November 26, 2012

Miami Pro Bikini Comp

The past few weeks have been really challenging for me. I have started a new job that means I am getting home just in time to get my son to sleep and then needing to motivate myself to train then have dinner etc. I’m only working 3 days a week but after over a year off it is hard juggling that with a very demanding toddler. I don’t know how those Mum’s that work full time do it!

I have had my appointment at the hospital regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis and need to go back in January to have x-rays to see if any damage has been done to my joints yet. I am hoping to put off starting any medication for another 6 months as long as there isn’t any significant damage. I have managed to keep it under control by avoiding wheat, gluten and dairy. However this doesn’t mean I won’t cheat occasionally but when I do I know I will suffer the next couple days. I really think the weight-lifting has really helped with my joints too and I have not had any lower back pain. I had been getting lazy about wearing my wrist supports during training and on the circuit class a couple weeks ago I did a lot of work with the Kettlebells doing Kettlebell snatches and my wrists really ached the next day! It just served to remind me that even though I am keeping the pain under control I can’t get lazy and think I have magically recovered!

Well back to the training…I have now finished my strength phase and am doing another hypertrophy (higher volume lower intensity) phase for the next 5 weeks to build some more muscle. It ties in perfectly with eating more calories over Christmas too! I’ve really enjoyed the strength phase but am looking forward to doing more volume and the DOMS that comes with it! I have to say as hard as it going to train just as I’ve finally managed to get the little man to sleep I do have a lot more energy than when I used to just sit on the sofa to try and relax. I think it’s really important as a Mum to look after yourself and have some time to yourself  instead of constantly trying to get everything done. There are times when I have to ignore the mess in the house and just go and train! Well really what better way to spend that tiny amount of spare time than getting and stronger, physically and emotionally? This isn’t to say I don’t panic about just how much I need to do before he wakes up and the day starts again but as with everything there is a balance and it’s all about finding what works for you.

I have also had a posing lesson and I can’t believe how much I learnt! I have a lot of practicing to do but feel more confident than ever about the competition and that all my hard work will mean I don’t feel out of place on the stage 🙂 It is easy to be overwhelmed by how much work I still have to do but then I think about much closer I am than this time last year when I had a 5 month old baby permanently attached to me and struggled to train at all!

Well that’s enough from me I need to go and train, it’s legs and shoulders today, wish me luck 😉