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Blog Miami Pro Bikini Comp update


Miami Pro Bikini Comp update

  • by loraelton
  • November 6, 2012

I have been seriously busy training hard and this could be a looong post!


First up on the agenda is an update on the Miami Pro Camp which was now a month ago! It was a brilliant day and I learnt so much and came away feeling motivated and ready for the hard work. I had completely forgotten that not only did I have to get my body in shape through training and diet but I would be going on a stage and posing!

It was a very surreal experience, after we had the initial teaching with the amazing Audrey Kaipio and Angie Weston we were told to get into our swimwear and get to the studio. We were all in a dance studio and split into boys and girls. We then proceeded to ‘walk the walk’ in front of each other and give constructive criticism! I was incredibly nervous and as anyone who knows me is well aware I am a complete clumsy mess and am really not very sexy! I was given the advice to keep my shoulders back ( again something I’ve always been told!) and keep my head up. I then realised I really needed to take the posing side of the competition seriously and start practicing! I am planning on booking in with Audrey for some posing lessons as soon as I can which will really help 🙂

The camp helped to inspire me again and I sat down with Rob and we decided it was time to change my training programme and get started on a strength phase. I am doing a version of the Wendler 5/3/1 power-lifting strength phase. I am about to start my 4th week and have really enjoyed it. I am now squatting 45kg and dead-lifting 60kg. This is such an amazing improvement considering when I started in August I could only just manage deep level squats with a 20kg bar and was unable to do a dead-lift properly!

I can really see how my body is changing and I feel so strong. However I had noticed my glutes weren’t toning up as much as I would have liked so Rob decided to do some assessments and we realised my hamstrings were over compensating and this meant by glutes weren’t working as they should be. My glute on the right hand side is also a lot weaker so I know what I will be working on.I have been doing activation exercises before my workout and the difference is incredible. I honestly could hardly walk out of the gym last night!


Well I think that pretty much sums up the past month for me, I now need to try and move my aching body off the sofa as the little monkey has just woken up.