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Blog Miami Pro Bikini Comp update….11 weeks to go


Miami Pro Bikini Comp update….11 weeks to go

  • by loraelton
  • January 25, 2013

11 weeks 003Bikini Competition 11 weeks to go!

I have had to resort to turning to Sweat Gym and leave the freezing garage gym until the weather heats up. It’s been very strange training in a ‘real’ gym again and it takes a bit of getting used to training in front of people again! I don’t like waiting to take my turn either and it means I have to take rest time and throws my routine off.
However all of that said the gym is great and everyone is really friendly. It has everything I need for my training including plyometric boxes, and a brilliant free weight area.

I have also had a stage coaching session and been practising my walk and poses for the stage, I’m getting better but need to practise every day and make it show worthy 🙂

I have been told to not lose any weight and try and add a bit more muscle. My waist is naturally slim so I need to try and bulk it up a bit with wood chops and more rope crunches. At least I don’t have to diet any stricter than I have been and can keep my portion size the same!I have put on half a stone over the past 4 months and I’m pretty happy with that!

I have been asked what my diet is like and people assume I’ve cut out carbs which I definitely have not! I can’t afford to and as I’ve always said I want to do this healthily and don’t believe it is healthy to cut any food group out. The key is eating ‘good carbs’, I eat sweet potato and brown rice every day as well as lots of green veg and small amounts of fruit to snack on. I’m eating every 2 hours without fail and my metabolism has gotten so used to it I’m absolutely starving when the 2 hours is up!

Average Day
Breakfast 6.30- porridge oats with coconut milk and a few raisins or grated apple
2nd Breakfast 8.30 boiled egg and oatcake or handful of nuts
Morning Snack 10.30 protein shake and seeds or nuts or banana
Lunch 12.30 Chicken or tuna with mushrooms with green veg and brown rice
Afternoon snack 2.30 oatcake and peanut nutter with an apple
Early Dinner 4.30 Chicken or tuna and green veg
pre workout snack 6.30 protein shake and oats/boiled egg
Dinner and post workout 8.30 meal protein shake, steak green veg and sweet potato.

Surpirsingly I’m not bored of chicken yet but am finding the more spices I use the better to give extra flavour!

I can’t believe how fast the time is going now and before I know it I’ll be preparing to go on stage. We have a holiday booked after the comp which will be well deserved and I’m very much looking forward to being on the beach with a margerita!