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Blog Miami Pro Entry Competition


Miami Pro Entry Competition

  • by Rob Elton
  • July 13, 2012

Hi, I’m Lora, Rob’s wife and am currently in training for the Miami Pro World Championships in April next year. I have entered the Ms Bikini category which is marked on physique and body tone.

I have always enjoyed training and eating healthily and am very much of the thinking that your body is a temple, however when I fell pregnant I lost the desire to train 4/5 times a week and before I knew it I had given up completely other than daily walking. I also suffered from terrible Pelvic Girdle Pain in the second trimester of pregnancy which made most exercise excruciating.

I continued to eat well and focused on a few strengthening exercises to keep the pain away for the remainder of the pregnancy, especially when even walking became a struggle and I was given crutches!

After our son was born in June 2011 I focused on eating healthily and slow gentle walking, I didn’t want to rush losing the body weight and I wasn’t too concerned as I knew I had eaten healthily throughout the pregnancy and needed to continue eating well to recover after the surgery and breastfeed him to give him the best possible start to life.

However I started to miss training again and felt unfit which felt so unlike me, Rob sat down with me and suggested using strength and conditioning programme alongside a competition to give me a clear goal to work towards. I’ll be honest at first I dismissed it as I was worried I’d end up too bulky and manly looking. Yes I know it’s harder for women to gain muscle but as a woman it’s hard to get that idea out of your head!

Anyway curiosity got the better of me or maybe just Rob pestering me telling me I’d really enjoy it! Well it turns out he was right and I soon fell in love with it and started learning the basics to the different lifts like dead lifting, squatting properly and the Olympic lifts.

The countdown has started so I am now training 5/6 times a week to build quality muscle and continue eating a healthy diet; I eat well anyway so I feel no need to cut anything out. I don’t want to lose weight and have no interest in dieting so rest assured this is healthy training with no faddy diets or quick fixes.
I will be updating every week on here with my training and diet diary so you can follow my progress on this scary journey I have before me.

Wish me luck!