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Blog Miami Pro Entry Competition 2


Miami Pro Entry Competition 2

  • by Rob Elton
  • September 3, 2012

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks and we had some pics done last week so I can see my progress in pictures through the next 8 months.

Training wise I’ve been doing Rob’s circuit on a Friday and at the home gym on my own which isn’t as much fun!

An example of my training on a day I don’t do the circuit:

Warmup, mobility drills then tabata circuits with the slam ball and Kettlebells
Proper Squats (hips below knees) with the bar 12reps 6sets
Split lunges with kettlebells 12 reps 3 sets on each side
Hanging leg raise 15reps 3 sets
Roll outs 12reps 3 sets

This normally takes about 45mins with minimal rest time.

I can definitely feel my lower back getting stronger as it was very weak after pregnancy and find it much easier to get below parallel with my squatting and have increased the weight. I did my own pilate core work which initially helped after my C section but deep level squatting has been the most significant helper for my lower back and core strengthening.

I’m training when I can which is 3-5 times a week for 45mins. With my plan in using the first 6weeks to get conditioning in the basic lifts like deadlifts, squats, deadhang pullups (which Rob gets all his female clients to do), bench press, Kettlebell exercises and some derivatives of the Olympic lifts.

I plan to step my training up in the next month, I’m finding it difficult fitting it in around a very demanding toddler but I’m noticing my recovery has improved and the volume of exercise I get done is double compared to week one.

The hardest part of the day is when I’ve finally got him to sleep and then want to relax but have to motivate myself to get up and get my butt outside!

Diet wise it’s been the same as usual, although I’ve found my appetite has got huuuge so I’m eating more and have gained 4lb in the last 4 weeks which I’m happy with as I feel a lot stronger and fitter. Rob measured my body fat which was 13.5%…no different from day one but a gain in muscle! also 4weeks ago I couldn’t deadlift 25kg which is the lightest weight with Robs technique bumper plates. I was so devastated I cried thinking my C section had wrecked me. I’m now deadlifting 35kg for 4sets of 12 reps.

I’ve been snacking on bananas, peanut butter and walnuts to keep me from feeling like I’m starving!

In fact I’m hungry again now so bye!