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Blog Miami Pro – finally the update on show day!


Miami Pro – finally the update on show day!

  • by loraelton
  • May 3, 2013

Soo it has now been nearly a month since my first bikini competition and I thought I should update this even though you probably all know the results anyway and have seen all the pics but hey ho!

The day before the comp I drove up to St Albans for my first layer of tan. I also met a few of the other girls which was good and as has happened throughout this journey everyone I met was so lovely. I loved how brown I looked and it meant you could really see my muscle defintion.

That night I was able to pig out on lots of carbs but to be honest I had to force myself as I really didn’t feel like it! I enjoyed the garlic bread though 🙂 I then had an early night as I needed to be up early to get ready and drive to St Albans for my 2nd coating of tan at 8.50am.

Everything was going well and then had some time before my make-up at 10am so we planned our routes to the hotel for make up and then to the arena. Unfortunately when I got to my make up appointment everyone was running late so I only had 20 minutes to get my make-up done which included the fake eyelashes! I then had Rob rush me over to Registration which started at 11 am and we were told anyone late would automatically be disqualified so as you can imagine I was pretty stressed.

Once at the Arena myself and some others I had become friends found a space backstage to get ready and put our stuff. It was really funny as we were going into the arena as all the locals must have thought we were all crazy- dressed in tracksuits with orange skin, we got a lot of strange looks and lots of pics were taken of the take-over of St Albans by orange people.

 The next few hours went quickly as we had the athlete’s meeting and finished our prep and snacked on rice cakes and honey. The atmosphere was brilliant and everyone was really focused. It was so good to meet all the people I’d been in contact through facebook and twitter. We also had a chance to go on the stage and have a look at the arena and this actually calmed me down and just made me really excited and ready to get on stage!

My amazing husband and gorgeous friend Emma who had travelled from London to support me were amazing and made sure I was in positive frame of mind and ready to get me anything I needed and were generally brilliant moral suppport.

Before we went on stage we were glazed and touched up our tan, hair and make- up and I practised my posing. Behind the stage waiting to go on was exciting but also nerve- wracking, what if I tripped on the stage or my boob fell out? lol I was first on in my Miss Bikini category and I thought of this as a positive as it meant I had the stage to myself  and I wanted to make the most of it. I really enjoyed it and remembered 90% of my routine as a bonus but think I rushed it a little bit.

I didn’t get called out for comparisons ( which later would be the placings) and I felt really down about it as I left the stage to be completely honest. It felt like all my hard work wasn’t worth it and I must have performed really badly. I think it also just hit me that that was it, that was what I had been working toward for nearly a year! Needless to say I needed to sort myself out and get some perspective. The winners were in amazing shape and my body was not as muscular and not what were the judges were looking for.

I went back out on stage for Yummy Mummy and enjoyed being on stage even more the second time. I didn’t get placed again but I loved the experience and met loads of lovely people.

After it had all finished I really wasn’t sure how I felt about it and wasn’t sure wether I wanted to do it again. It really does affect you when you put yourself out there to be judged solely on your appearance but I thought back about how far I had come from and what I had achieved and felt really proud. I also looked at the pics that had been taken by Rob and Emma and was really pleased. I also decided to see if Matt Marsh (the Official Photographer of Miami Pro) had taken any pics of me and loved them!

It’s so easy to get caught up in where you are now and forget where you started, I’m sure there is a clever quote out there somewhere that says that more eloquently but the sentiment is the same. I never expected to place so it shocked me how much it upset me when I didn’t. I also asked the judges for feedback which actually made me feel much more positive and determined to do more shows until I do place!

After the competition I relaxed my diet and ate whatever I wanted and didn’t worry about it all but it felt very strange having no ‘routine’ and it was easy to see how some people binge and put on loads of weight! Luckily overall I actually enjoy eating clean and healthy so for me it just meant I was able to have the extra treats and not worry. We just got back from Florida and I indulged in everything and anything but by the end I was craving healthy food. I put on a couple pounds but because I wasn’t ever starving myself or restricting my calorific intake (it was NEVER was below 2000 calories a day) I knew my body wouldn’t feel the need to hold onto whatever I ate and I still have a really flat stomach, even if it’s not quite a 6 pack.

I have decided to compete again at Bodypower on the Sunday 19th March and have been bulking and have changed my training programme to Olypmic Lifting and focusing on improving my technique and doing lots of strength work. I want to try and gain 5-10 lbs which will be difficult but I’m determined 🙂

I have set up a page on facebook if you want to follow my progress as this will probably be my last blog post although I will updating the website more regulary. Thanks for reading my blog over the last 9 months!