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Blog Optimum Nutrition- What is it?


Optimum Nutrition- What is it?

  • by loraelton
  • February 14, 2013

Optimum Nutrition is simply giving your body the highest nutrition in a balanced safe way taking into account individual needs.
Rather than just eating a balanced diet it is more about learning how your body does and doesn’t work based on symptoms.
Looking at nutrition scientifically allows you to feed your body and mind and also to understand why symptoms like fatigue, depression, poor digestion and generally feeling flat occur.
This article is based for the general working person, looking at improving energy levels, mental function and well being. As the articles advance specific diets will be there to read but let’s look at a base balanced diet.

This food pyramid of course changes depending on individuals, bear with me it’s a a crude way to base your healthy diet on assuming you have no allergies, digestive disorders etc.

Food pyramid

Following this as a rough guide allows a really basic reason for good energy. It provides enough nutritious calories to fuel you, enough dietary fibre to cleanse you and enough variety to be creative.
This is a long term diet It doesn’t sell, the fitness industry can’t really market it as a quick fix but it is maintainable.
Some changes I would make are the protein choices. More organic or locally sourced meats, oily fish and also more essential fats, but that will be in part 2 of optimum nutrition basics. This diet will require cooking usually quick meals and sensible, cheaper local shopping. Making that extra effort will reward you massively so no excuses time to get optimum and cut the BS diets out!