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Blog Our new nutrition plan is here!



Our new nutrition plan is here!

  • by Rob Elton
  • March 11, 2016

We are very excited to launch our new 28 day nutrition plan and quite honestly believe it is the best product on the market, here’s why.

For the last 10 years as a personal trainer I get asked the question that all trainers get that instantly gives us a nervous twitch. “Rob can you do me a nutrition plan, I need a shopping list, yep and simple foods as I’m busy. Err and I’m a veggie. Can you do my macros, and what calories do I need?” Arrrggggggggg!!!


The reason most PT’s don’t is because quite honestly they would have to create a full shopping list with variety and simplicity to make sure the plan is achievable. It would need to be tailored to suit your daily calorific needs with the best macro split to achieve fat loss, performance and muscle building (all calorie dependant), along with tasty recipes and veggie options too.

That’s probably 20+hours work minimum, £800+ for your top level plan. We know at PB fitness that nobody would pay that, and that’s why we created plans ranging from 1400 calories up to 2600 calories. Included in all our plans are shopping lists that fit your exact calorific needs with vegetarian options and of course varied tasty meals and snacks. It couldn’t be simpler, you are literally following a plan that thousands of clients over the years have asked for.

Not sure? No problem we want you to see how good our plan is by getting a free recipe book that will give you lots of great food recipes and an idea of what you can expect.


Lastly we are offering the plan at 50% off (as advertised we have reduced the price to £25.99) as an intro for 1 week.

Still not sure? Heres that link again for your free recipe book https://pointblankfitness.com/shop


Enjoy 🙂

Rob Elton- Personal Trainer Cambridge, Point Blank Fitness