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PB Lifestyle Accountability Group

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Our PB Lifestyle Accountability Group is designed to help you start living a healthier lifestyle by creating habits that support you to get fit and lose weight, all without a crash diet in sight!


It works as an online accountability group for every area of fitness including nutrition, exercise and support. There are daily challenges, workouts, recipes, lots to keep you motivated and committed.

There are no quick fixes and PB Lifestyle is not selling any gimmicks or products.  It follows the Point Blank Fitness ethos of being straight forward and achievable for everyone.

The purpose is to firstly motivate and inspire with daily check ins. During the course we will build those building blocks for healthy habits. These should then continue even after you have completed the group.


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A word from Lora:

I’m very excited to launch PB Lifestyle. I understand the time constraints of trying to live a healthy lifestyle and fitting it all in with family life.


I have been competing since 2013 and have placed in the top 3 numerous times. Rob was the one who suggested I compete to give me a goal and to have something for myself after having our son. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and learning about the benefits of resistance exercise and eating well I had nothing to lose. I continued to train throughout the pregnancy of our daughter. I then went on to compete when she was 8 months and placed 3rd.

More recently I have been diagnosed with costochondritis. I was told I had to change my lifestyle and could no longer lift weights or do any form of strenuous exercises. I was heartbroken and a bit lost. I’ve been into fitness for as long as I can remember and had really enjoyed weightlifting and competing.

Lora Elton Pregnancy Fitness

The Journey

Not being able to go to the gym made me realise just how hard it can be for women to fit it in around everything else. This is especially true when you lose that motivation. I have always been lucky in that Rob was very supportive of my training.  When our first born was tiny I even trained in the garage but suddenly I couldn’t do any of that. I quickly lost motivation, every time I pushed myself my chest would start to hurt and put me back a week. It took a while to realise I had to take it slow and it was a process and a journey.

This experience made me realise what I wanted; someone to hold me accountable each day to make small changes to get back into what I loved but in a different way.  I want this group to help women . It may be that they struggle to find the time, either because they have children or work a demanding job. To live a healthier lifestyle starts by making the right choices and being accountable.
Let’s be honest we all know what we should be doing but it’s easier somehow not to. How many times have you looked at an apple and then put it down only to eat a bar of chocolate? How many of you have bought vitamins and then just couldn’t be bothered to take them? I know I have!

Lora Elton Pure Elite

Lora competing at Pure Elite

PB Lifestyle will help you to make the small changes that soon add up and will mean  you can lose weight and be healthy and stay that way. This is not a quick fix crash diet. You won’t lose half your body weight in a week and I refuse to go down that track. There is no quick way to lose weight that is not damaging and sustainable, sorry! The only healthy way is through a healthy balanced diet and exercise.