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PB weightlifting is a Cambridgeshire based weightlifting (Olympic weightlifting) club that operates at the house of fitness, Cambridge.

We mainly train total beginners and are happy progressing people onto friendly competitions and also more serious British weightlifting (BWLA) competitions. That said we have many clients who don't want to compete and just enjoy training. The competitive side may not appeal to everyone, but the programming and training behind the Olympic lifts transfers to every sport and for the general gym user this training will have a purpose with specific goal orientated stages. There are different stages in Olympic weightlifting to appeal to all ages, technique competitions are used by the BWLA for the under 13's and under 11's as a safety precaution. Most people new to lifting will firstly gain flexibility and master the technique with light weights. This Basic program is a nice introduction. For those looking for an Intermediate program this is an awesome 3 phase one that is fun and challenging.