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Blog Personal Trainer Cambridge? Point Blank Fitness can help


Personal Trainer Cambridge? Point Blank Fitness can help

  • by Rob Elton
  • April 12, 2017

Personal Trainer Cambridge

Personal Trainer Cambridge is a popular search. This is our opportunity to show you how Point Blank Fitness can help.

We are a team of PT’s/coaches that have been in the industry for over 10 years and that has been exclusively working 1-1 with clients of all ages.

About you!

Before you decide to train we like to arrange a no hassle visit to the gym. We ask some questions to find out about what you want and this helps us get an idea about you.

Programmes and support

We always get you to follow a program, and if you don’t want to we like to roughly stick with something the we can measure either way we will give your training purpose.

Here is a sample session that Leigh has put together. Leighs workout.

And below is Leigh (one of PBF’s coaches) showing you some of the kit at the House Of Fitness.



Over the years as freelance PT’s we have done courses that our clients have benefitted from. Most trainers are really into nutrition and I personally completed my Precision Nutrition coaching course to give them great content and help.

Here are some very easy recipe ideas that will boost your energy levels!

Personal Trainer Cambridge

Click Image to access the page to download the book.

Olympic weightlifting

This is such a good way to train. We are very fortunate to be part of the House Of Fitness and the facilities are immense. Take a look at the lifting area.

Personal Trainer Cambridge

Not only that but we are British weightlifting accredited coaches. We offer lots of support with 1-1 coaching and are constantly updating our youtube channel to add helpful exercise content like this..

Accountability groups too!

Personal Trainer Cambridge

We are very proud to have our UKBFF, Pure Elite and mom of 2 champion Loralee Elton onboard. She runs the women only accountability group.

This is aimed at busy moms and the results the girls have had are pretty impressive.

Check out the accountability group HERE