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Blog Personal Training in Cambridge with Leigh at Point Blank Fitness.



Personal Training in Cambridge with Leigh at Point Blank Fitness.

  • by Rob Elton
  • March 23, 2017

Firstly we have put a video together featuring Leigh using the gym we very proudly work at to show you the fantastic facilities at the HOF.

Leigh Gatland

Leigh is one of the new coaches at Point Blank Fitness and he is very much into strength and conditioning as a training method for his clients.

He has many clients training at this intensity, with his progressive, patient and consistent style of personal training.


Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning opens up a whole new library of exercises which allows you to get more out of the gym.

We will make sure you are proficient with all compound, free weight, kettle bell, olympic lifting exercises.

What to expect from Leigh

Consistent support on your sessions. Encouragement to follow your program and patient, logical and purposeful sessions that only come from a very experienced personal trainer.

One time offer

To introduce Leigh we would like to offer new clients the chance to train with him twice weekly on a 4 week training phase.

Also we will give you a weekly pass to the awesome gym we work at (the House of Fitness) to encourage a  3x weekly training routine for a month. We have done it this way as it will be enough time to form a positive habit.

Lastly there will be a £120 discount so for 4 weeks. You pay £240 for both sessions and a gym pass to follow one of our programs under our supervision.

Please click HERE to contact us so that you can take advantage of our introduction offer.

Alternatively feel free to contact us to arrange a view of the gym facilities. We can offer a free first time pass to let you use the gym so you can get a feel for it.

See you at the gym,

Team PB.


House of fitness Cambridge