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Blog Sonny Webster visits Point Blank Fitness



Sonny Webster visits Point Blank Fitness

  • by Rob Elton
  • May 3, 2017

Sonny Webster visits Point Blank Fitness

We managed to book Sonny Webster at Point Blank Fitness for a weightlifting seminar, and what a great day it was.

Sonny represented GB at the 2016 olympics which was a lifelong ambition fulfilled for him. It was amazing to hear the sheer dedication he puts into his training to be at the level he is at (9 sessions a week).

Sonny Webster visits Point Blank Fitness

I greeted sonny just outside of the venue (House Of Fitness) and was pleased to see he likes his coffee. I think this is a definitely weightlifting thing.

Duck walk

The dreaded duck walk

Mobility drills 

Sonny went straight into his warm up and introduced us to some cool new movements. One of them was the duck walk which really tests your mobility.

There were some great progressions and we all managed to do the duck walk but nowhere near as gracefully as his version.


Overhead squat

Overhead squat

Key positions 

We then moved on to barbell work preparing us to have a go at the snatch which is the first lift used in the sport of olympic lifting.

This is the foundation exercise for the snatch and allows you to learn your hand width position and also to see what your mobility is like.

Flexibility or strength?

The overhead squat tests both and is the number 1 tool used for any coach to identify what’s going on. This is the most important thing to master if you want to progress onto the snatch.

We moved on with more exercises which gradually got a bit more complicated before finally having a go at snatching.

And here is the master casually showing us some sub maximal lifts as he was doing a seminar straight after ours.

Olympic weightlifting is making a massive breakthrough in the fitness industry. It makes you flexible, strong, gives your training lots of purpose and more importantly it is seriously good fun.

A big thanks to Sonny Webster, an inspirational weightlifter and a brilliant coach.