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Blog The ultimate full body exercise


The ultimate full body exercise

  • by loraelton
  • July 28, 2014

Straight to the point: over head squat! Personal trainers use this as a tool to assess their clients flexibility, strength and skill.

Firstly you have to stabilise the bar above head then you have to squat as low as you can staying as upright as possible. A perfectly aligned body will do this no problem. Tight pectorals and lats will make it a struggle to lock overhead while poor hip and ankle mobility will prevent a deep level squat.

The over head squat is best done very lightly in conjunction with a corrective exercise programme consisting of mobility, static stretching and activation exercises. This exercise done correctly will strengthen your entire body including the hard to work thoracic and shoulder complex. it will also give you a challenging exercise to master.

Don’t miss out on possibly the best exercise going!

Perform this from a squat rack push pressing the bar in a snatch (wide) grip. If you’re going light, lift the bar safely to get into the overhead position.

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