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  • I like to keep fit primarily as a means to support my passion for cycling. I really enjoy high intensity training as there is no time to rest and get bored, so the weekly Point Blank Fitness circuits have been great fun. I also have a weekly one hour PT with Rob where we concentrate on strength and conditioning exercises and I have watched my strength improve week-on-week as we work through my programme which has been hugely fulfilling and motivates for the next session. I have gone from 45kg to 105kg deadlifts and can clean and jerk almost my body weight. Both the PT training sessions and circuits have improved my overall fitness and recovery and have also improved my toning and flexibility.

    Laura Aldred
  • I began training with Rob 6 months ago as I wanted some challenges and goals with my training. After training for a month I improved my basic lifts and my back and knee pain decreased (previous motorcycle injury). Rob suggested following his Olympic lifting programme to improve shoulder function and to have a goal. As soon as I began the lifts I was addicted to the constant challenge of the technique involved and the weaknesses identified to improve. At 41 with previous injuries I can now lift 85kg clean and jerk and 55kg snatch with full range. This really improved my body tone, flexibility and power. There’s no way I’d imagine I’d enjoy weightlifting, now there’s no way I’ll train any other way. Rob is very passionate about his work, this has been the best 6months for me and it absolutely revolutionised my training.